What has YOUR kid done to make you eat your own words?

eat your words

Not too long ago, I asked the village in which I live to stop packing their kids’ Nintendos, because it’s against school rules and puts me in a bad position — the one where I have to be the jerk who says “NO” and then get awarded the privilege of listening to my seven-year-old argue, […]

Hopping Your Frog – An Experience in Rule-Breaking

Rule Breaking Parent-Teacher conferences were upon us.  We had about an hour before our appointment. Teasing our 7-year-old daughter, we asked her, “What kind of terrible things is your teacher going to tell us? Is she going to say how rotten you are? That you talk all the time and she has to make you […]

My Ex his KUFOM and a GAL

Tuesday is TruezDay – This Shit Happened. Today’s post is going to deviate from my normal tone and will instead be a bit heavy. As in, “I want to drop an anvil on someone’s head” kind of heavy. Or maybe, “How do you justify calling yourself a parent when you’re so obviously not interested in […]