Stay at Home Mom versus Working Mom — This is just a stupid fight

3 Reasons the Fight Over Working or Staying Home is Stupid I’m so sick of the Mommy Wars I want to punch every woman I know in the vagina to make them stop judging each other. And now I’ve just judged other women myself, but trust me, you are not aiming violence at my poo-nanny. […]

3 Reasons Putting Your Kids First Is The Right Choice

3 Reasons to Put Your Kids First Take care of you. You can’t take care of anyone until you’ve taken care of yourself. You deserve to be pampered. You have to put yourself first. You-you-you.   What I’m hearing is a whole lot of ME-ME-ME. I will agree that you should put your air mask […]

10 Things I Hate

10 Things I Hate Yeah, I said it. “Hate”. I know, I know, it’s a very strong word and I should be careful how I use it because blah-blah-blah. But I could say “strongly dislike” just as easily and it would mean the same thing only with more wordage. So I’m gonna stick with “hate”, […]

Am I a Writer or a Blogger? Challenge Accepted…

question mark coffee mug

Am I a Writer or a Blogger? Challenge Accepted…Writing My Story is a Sad One. I have been feeling extremely guilty about the sorry state of the book on which I’m supposedly working. I have exactly two chapters completed, only three pages of which have undergone outside critique. That’s not exactly the sign of a […]

Don’t Use My Name Like You Know Me

Addressing me by my first name in emails and form letters to make your correspondence seem more personal…‏ is just plain creepy, particularly if we’ve never even spoken to each other. As I have subscribed to more and more blogs, I’ve noticed a disproportionately large amount of the senders talking to ANDI like we’re old […]

Let the Commencements Commence

Let the Commencements Commence My little baby boy graduates from high school tonight. I know I’m not the only mom on the planet with tears in my eyes this season, so I won’t go into how emotional this milestone has made me. Graduating a kid is a big deal, and don’t let anyone tell you […]

I Got Nuthin. And I’m not even sorry for it.


I Got Nuthin. And I’m not even sorry for it. After yesterday’s heavy, downer of a post on DEPRESSION, which I wrote partly in honor of Mental Health Month (which is every May), partly to vent my frustration about how badly people treat those suffering DEPRESSION, and partly because the topic had been on my […]

Do You Tell Lies? The Story of A Chronic Lie Gone Awry

not a lie

It’s not that I mean to get one over on somebody when I lie. Mostly I’m just antisocial, impatient, and eager to stay out of trouble (you know, CRAZY). And sometimes that means saying the first thing that pops into my mind as being the easy way out. By telling a lie. A small lie. […]

What has YOUR kid done to make you eat your own words?

eat your words

Not too long ago, I asked the village in which I live to stop packing their kids’ Nintendos, because it’s against school rules and puts me in a bad position — the one where I have to be the jerk who says “NO” and then get awarded the privilege of listening to my seven-year-old argue, […]