What’s Up Wenzday 12/26/12

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keurig B60


I need more Sharpies. That is all.


Wait, that’s not all. Today is the day after Christmas, so I should probably say something about that. It was merry and whatnot. There were gifts, one of which was a new Keurig!


*hoorayz! and there was much throwing of glitter!*


Also, my kids got spoiled by the extended fam, which is always a plus for parents. We still have another round of gift-opening ceremonies next weekend, since we are a split family, and Santa was super cool about agreeing to an extra visit. Very excited about that!



the happiness project gretchen rubin

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin


—Recapping My Failures


Last week I took a look at what worked and what I enjoyed with my four-month-long Happiness Project. There was some fun stuff and that is swell. There were also some massive FAILS. That’s what I’m looking at this week. Color me less-than-eager. Who likes to talk in depth about all the ways they suck? NOT IT!


Happiness Project Assignment #10: Join or Form a Group.

FAIL. I meant to do this, but I just didn’t ever get around to it. It is telling that the place I began to fall apart during this whole experiment was in social integration. I had several groups listed which I intended to join: writing critique group, book club, scrapbooking sessions. Why didn’t I follow through? Something to think about in the coming year.


Happiness Project Assignment #11: Just Show Up.

FAIL. I did not go to a single event listed on my calendar. Not one. I attended a grand total of zero write-ins during NaNoWriMo. I didn’t have any of my work critiqued with my writing group. I accomplished no scrapbooking. FAIL is not even big enough to encompass the amount of DIDN’T WIN going on here. Like I said, though — something to think about in the coming year.


Assignment #14: Track a project’s Before & After.

FAIL. I never did follow through on my 30-day Cut-the-Crap challenge to clean up my office. Something I intend to change in 2013 — every month I will find 30 small, 15-minute tasks to complete in one room, and every day throughout that month I will complete one of those tasks. Then I will report my Before & After on 5 Minutes for Mom’s Tackle It Tuesday section.


So here are the items I need to add to the *GOALS* portion of the Life Plan I’m putting together in my Saturday series:

1. Join and show up to groups.

2. Complete a project and track its Before-and-After.


I also want to decide what 2013 will mean for my personal self-improvement journey. I need a break from Gretchen Rubin and her Happiness Project, but I obviously need SOME kind of challenge to keep me trying, even if only once a week, to maintain some movement toward obtaining personal joy. “Happy is a Choice!


After examining several different challenges, I finally settled on one called “Homework” put together by Julien Smith. I have followed his blog — “In Over Your Head” — on and off for a while now, and I really enjoy his writing style. Mostly because he doesn’t hesitate to drop a well-deserved F-bomb. I pretty much admire ANYONE who isn’t afraid to say what needs to be said without tiptoeing around the PC assholes of the planet. It’s all euphemisms anyway, so why say “darn” when we all know you actually mean “damn”!? Yeah, all that.


So, this is the last Wenzday of the month. I’ve done my recap, identified my flaws, made a plan to be better, and chosen a program to help me stay on track. I think we can say goodbye to 2012 with zero regrets. Let’s do this thing!


What's Up Wenzday?And that’s what’s up Wenzday.

Hope your Hump-Day is full of hump-ish good times.

I’d love to hear what’s up with *YOUR* Wenzday!

And please tell me all about *YOUR* holiday shenanigans!

HBHL Michelle
HBHL Michelle

I came from a "broken" home, so know about all the different Christmas juggling and delays and ongoing weekends. I used to have about 6 Christmases. I actually love all of the running around, and the presents truthfully always meant less to me than actually getting to see my family--although getting presents WAS fun (but it's not the main thing that I took away from the holidays). It's wonderful that your eldest was happy with money for books & such. He sounds like a very well-rounded, respectful, responsible young man from everything that I've ever heard about him. I'm the same as you with the following through with groups, etc. I don't know what my problem is. I know I'm shy. Too many things overwhelm me and truthfully I'm afraid of judgement. You'd think by this point in my life I wouldn't give a poop what people think. . . . and I am going that way, but I still have work to do. I'll have to link up with the Tackle It Tuesday thing, too. God knows I have enough to tackle soon. . . and by soon, I mean it should have been done weeks ago. Have fun with your new Keurig!! Yay!!!