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Profile Image You need to have a profile image. So, why don’t you have one, weirdo? I’m not talking about businesses trying to sell to customers. I don’t give two shits about money-making psychology. And I’m not talking about companies representing themselves via logo rather than face. I get why they do that, and it […]

Should I use an editorial calendar?

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Should I use an editorial calendar? I don’t know why I’m asking you. I am the only one who can effectively answer this question. But half the time I don’t even know what the hell I’m doing. I might say today, YES, I should totes use an editorial calendar.” But then tomorrow I might change my […]

HootSuite is my Mecca.

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HootSuite is my Mecca. I don’t utilize it nearly as well as I should, but I’m slowly figuring it out. The best part of HootSuite is, the more I learn, the more user-friendly it becomes – not because I’m becoming adept or certified or well-learned in its versatility, but because it keeps updating, changing, adding […]

Walk away from my computer

Walk away from my computer

I wondered how other bloggers did it. I wondered how bloggers always manage to respond to comments so quickly. I wondered how they are able to be so active in conversations on Twitter and Facebook so regularly. I wondered how they are able to be so immediately accessible on so many different platforms. I wondered […]

Social Media and the BIG LIE

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Social Media + Blogging Schedules My hubz and I got into this huge discussion today about the necessity for keeping to a schedule with regard to publishing blog posts. You can probably guess from my typical blasé approach that I was taking the “Fuck it” route. As the Numbers Guy behind my bloggy-blog, my hubz […]

Unspam Triberr Part 2

Here are my main problems with Triberr, and my ideas for fixing the issues. How well my plan works really depends on YOU. You’ll probably want to check out Unspam Triberr Part 1  if you haven’t read it yet!   1. Twitter mentions suck. Well no. Actually, quite the opposite is true. Twitter mentions are fucking […]

Automated Tweets are NOT evil

It’s been suggested that Automated Tweets are evil, pernicious, and no darn good. I haven’t quite figured out the logical reasoning behind this thought. It sounds as though I’m being told I must only Tweet something if I’m sitting at my desk or holding a smartphone, prepped for conversation.   Um, excuse me — but […]

StumbleUpon SuperUser Tactics

StumbleUpon is one of the greatest (and most under-utilized) tools in the social media arsenal. Today I’m going to cover the “dos and don’ts” of StumbleUpon. 5 Things you SHOULD do if you want to get more stumbles on your own posts on StumbleUpon: DO Stumble at least 15 pages a day randomly from their […]

What Old People and/or Conservatives Don’t Know About Facebook

What Old People and/or Conservatives Don’t Know About Facebook … and why they won’t jump to Twitter… I’ve suffered a strange, slow-evolving revelation of late. I can not understand why something posted on FaceBook is generally received with negative or argumentative comments, while the same information, link, or comment posted on Twitter is usually enthusiastically […]