Fracking Friday! — 01/04/13

we don't need politicians that support fracking

Fracking Friday finds Andi-Roo pissed and disillusioned. It’s been a while since I’ve hosted a Fracking Friday here so I thought I’d check in on Josh Fox and the world of GasLand to see what’s cooking. I almost wish I hadn’t, as there has been more twat-waffling than I can bear.   Selfish people — go play […]

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I’ll Leave Chess to the Barbarians

My husband keeps trying to teach me how to play chess. I can’t convince him that I really, truly do not want to learn. I just don’t possess the sort of thinking required for what, in my opinion, is not a game so much as an exercise in strategy. I can’t think ahead that far; […]

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Why does God want me to get eaten by zombies?

caution zombies

This is the first of my new series WHAT’S UP, WENZDAY? This will happen every Wednesday as part of my ROW80 weekly check-in. My son is about to graduate from high school. He spent the last five years dedicated to the sport of wrestling, and it finally paid off this year — he qualified for […]

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Diversity Among Mice

Penelope Trunk wrote about Diversity.  She wasn’t referring to skin color, however, which is what usually comes to mind when that word pops up in conversation. Instead she used the term in its denotative, rather than connotative, sense. For the challenged, this means that she used the word in correct context per dictionary definition, as opposed […]

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