Child of Farmer Rap

farmer rap

Child of Farmer Rap strikes again: BOOM-BOOM DIGGY-DIGGY BOOM-BOOM-BOOM BOOM-BOOM DIGGY-DIGGY BOOM-BOOM-BOOM   This is what I hear going by the front of my house about once week. Some hotshot teenager who forgets this is a six-street village surrounded by cornfields. Some punk-ass who wants me to believe he is very, very serious about living […]

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Mick Jagger — Do You Have The Moves Like Jagger?

Mick Jagger, REALLY? I do not understand, in ANY way whatsoever, the current trend of showing love for Mick Jagger. Sure, I get that he was head of the Rolling Stones, and that they rocked the rocking world, and all that. If I’m being honest, though (and when am I ever NOT?), I couldn’t name […]

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Gangnam Style

<A HREF=””> Widgets</A>My 18-year-old son introduced me to some ridiculous dance yesterday, which apparently is the newest and hottest thing on the planet.   This song out of Korea called “Gangnam Style” has people creating funny new memes. The rapper’s name is PSY. And I was completely ready to rag on this dude, because the […]

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