The Great and Powerful AtoZ Challenge Theme Reveal

atoz theme reveal 2015 feature

Blogging AtoZ Challenge 2015 “The brainchild of Arlee Bird, at Tossing it Out, the AtoZ Challenge is posting every day in April except Sundays (we get those off for good behavior.) And since there are 26 days, that matches the 26 letters of the alphabet. On April 1, blog about something that begins with the […]

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Epiphanies {Part 2}


Epiphanies {Part 2} I had a couple epiphanies. I had two specific unexpected insights a couple weeks ago – something Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project might refer to as A Secret of Adulthood. The first of my Epiphanies was discussed last week. The second of my epiphanies was equally powerful. With regard to my […]

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My Three Words 2014: Part 2 – #MyThreeWords

My Three Words logo

My Three Words 2014 In my previous post I discussed the idea of coming up with three words on which to focus throughout the year. The thought behind this is that choosing a theme by which to live is better than setting goals and resolutions you aren’t likely to keep. I don’t know that one […]

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What’s Up Wenzday 02/27/13 — Handcuffed Moxy Edition!

homework award

What’s Up Wenzday Point #1: A Note of Clarification — Found my Moxy. What a whore. You just wouldn’t even believe what that gurl has been up to. Thank goodness, we found her in the nick-of-time, and she is safe and sound, locked back into place. I won’t say the handcuffs will hold indefinitely, because […]

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What’s Up Wenzday 02/13/13 — Valentine Edition!

sweethearts candy

What’s Up Wenzday Point #1: A Note of Clarification — February is great for, like, love and shit like that. But it sucks major donkey balls with regard to energy and motivation and personal growth and related types of activities. February is, like, “I am grey, I thrive on your personal joy, and I eat […]

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What’s Up Wenzday 02/06/13 — Sleepy Edition!

achieve goals

What’s Up Wenzday Point #1: A Note of Clarification — Last week was all kinds of fucked. First, there was sleeping, which had a lot to do with all this damn snow. I’m so sick of snow I want to punch the next snowman I see in the wiener, and I’m not even joking. There […]

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What’s Up Wenzday 01/16/13 — Passive-Aggressive Edition!

weekly planner templates

What’s Up Wenzday Point #1: A Note of Clarification — I found out this week that someone on Triberr is apparently less than pleased with me as a tribemate. Which is funny since she and I aren’t actually tribemates. And since I only found out second-hand that there’s an issue, I’m not sure exactly what […]

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What’s Up Wenzday — Smash Edition

avengers movie order

What’s Up Wenzday Point #1: A Note Of Clarification — Because January 7 is the first Monday of 2013, I have declared this week is the actual beginning of the New Year. Thus, all plans and resolutions and whatnot were pushed back a week. BECAUSE I CAN. I highly recommend this course of action for […]

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What’s Up Wenzday 01/02/13 Happy New Year Edition!

green check mark

What’s Up Wenzday Point #1: A Note of Clarification — For those new to my weekly check-in, WELCOME! “What’s Up Wenzday” is where I assess my progress, or lack thereof, toward achieving self-improvement. Since one can never achieve Perfection, this is a never-ending project which sometimes feels hopeless, but more often than not provides a […]

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What’s Up Wenzday 12/26/12

WHAT’S UP WENZDAY POINT #1: A NOTE OF CLARIFICATION — I need more Sharpies. That is all.   Wait, that’s not all. Today is the day after Christmas, so I should probably say something about that. It was merry and whatnot. There were gifts, one of which was a new Keurig!   *hoorayz! and there […]

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