You are psychotic and your son is a mama’s boy.

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You are psychotic and your son is a mama’s boy. I’ve seen this stupid meme thing around on Facebook {I know, I know, but I just can’t stop looking!}. It’s a list of “rules” directed at girls. And as the mother of both a son AND a daughter, it pisses me off. 1. Respect me […]

It’s just Facebook. Except, no. It’s NOT.

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It’s just Facebook.  I have been told for the absolute LAST time, It’s just Facebook. Because that statement is bullshit and I’m tired of people saying it like it’s anywhere near true. It’s NOT just Facebook. Not when you post family pictures. Not when you put up signs proclaiming to the world which side of the […]

Facebook Equals Stupid People

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Facebook is making your stupidity show, you guys. It’s bad. Facebook has been a love/hate kind of thing for me. My personal account is full of my family – most of whom are Christian, many of whom are Republican, all of whom are Conservative, and a few of whom are even Tea Party members. That […]

Don’t Like It, Get Out

Here’s an example of why I hate being on Facebook. I just saw this incredibly nice person I happen to know “In Real Life” put up a poster as her status which makes me suddenly want to punch her in the titty:     How the fuck is this sign in any way Christian — […]

Facebook, How To Use It And Why It Is Important To Your Brand.

Facebook is Free Really there shouldn’t be any question as to whether you WILL use Facebook, only a question of how. Facebook is FREE, it has 750 million users and growing! Why wouldn’t you be there promoting your brand? Shama Kabani, who wrote the book “The Zen of Social Media Marketing” said: “Facebook is like […]

Twitter Versus Facebook: It’s *ON*, Bitches!

Facebook is the people you knew in school. Twitter is the people you wish you knew in school…  ~ @GWPStaff (via Twitter) I thought I was the only one experiencing issues with Facebook in the Twitter versus Facebook arrangement. So how excited was I to read the above statement on Twitter? “*YES*” I screamed inside […]

What Old People and/or Conservatives Don’t Know About Facebook

What Old People and/or Conservatives Don’t Know About Facebook … and why they won’t jump to Twitter… I’ve suffered a strange, slow-evolving revelation of late. I can not understand why something posted on FaceBook is generally received with negative or argumentative comments, while the same information, link, or comment posted on Twitter is usually enthusiastically […]