Caring Too Much + Being a Hater = Multiple Blog Topics

Plan ahead

Once somebody whom we shall call “Frenemy” said to me, “You can’t POSSIBLY have such strong feelings on ALL these topics!”   Frenemy was wrong. I do, indeed, have strong feelings on “ALL these topics.” It’s both a blessing and a curse.   BE TALKY-TALKY. If you can’t go on-n-on about the GOOD topics, you […]

April Challenges – Blogging from A to Z – ROW80 – 750 Words

Timeline: There’s an app for that. Today’s post was going to be all about FaceBook’s new timeline layout. As you must surely know, it’s rolling out today as mandatory for all users. I was going to say, “There’s an app for that,” for all the haters out there. I was going to send you to […]

10 Things I learned from the A to Z Challenge

I absolutely loved the April Blogging From A to Z Challenge. It taught me an awful lot about blogging in general, & *my* blogging in particular. Nothing like coming in right at the beginning of a good lesson! Here are the ten lessons I learned from participating in this challenge.   1. Post Daily. Since […]